Professional Services

Rubix Solutions will establish and conduct governance forums and meetings to ensure compliance with the requirements of all new engagements.

These gatherings may take the form of regularly scheduled meetings or other organised sessions convened periodically, involving members from the board, stakeholders, or senior management. The purpose of these meetings, and the subsequent implementation of any resulting actions, is to continually assess the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of Rubix Solutions’ specialised services. For offshore meetings, we utilise conferencing facilities to facilitate effective communication. Thanks to our open communication policy, the management team at Rubix Solutions is readily available for ad-hoc meetings with offshore teams.

Internal Communications

Process deliverables are reviewed and approved through various project staff, offshore teams, users and stakeholders to ensure their needs will be met. Thus when this process is invoked, the deliverable should be complete and ready for sign off. Reviews of early drafts are encouraged to ensure a smooth and timely final review.

Resource Allocation

After examining end-to-end project scope, and gaining a specific understanding of the customers’ requirements for project deliverables, the SOW is drafted and proposed to the customer. A comprehensive resource proposal is then submitted to the perspective client. Resource allocation is signed off prior to the commencement of the project. For every new client engagement, Rubix Solutions factors in a 10% resource overflow.

Resource Utilisation

Inefficiencies in resource and expense management can be difficult to quantify, but their impact is critical to business success. Hence Rubix Solutions successfully utilise resources to maximise cost efficiency without jeopardising quality of our service. Rubix Solutions Professional Services provide a comprehensive resource scheduling and allocation solution enabling us to effectively manage individuals, teams, departments and projects with our intuitive resource utilisation. We easily service resource requests, identifying resourcing conflicts and analysing daily, weekly and monthly utilisation levels.

Offshore Capability

Our clients can benefit financially from our cost effective offshore resource solution. Projects can also be delivered ahead of schedule with our 24hr resource availability.

Rubix Solutions

Project Methodolgy.

Our technical consultants carry out high-level planning at the start of each project and conduct continuous assessments throughout the project phase. We ensure that we have the right people, resources, methodologies, and supporting tools in place for each planning phase, so that we can deliver the project on time, on budget, and to appropriate quality standards.

We know that it’s essential to control scope, cost, and issues; and to manage time, risks, and benefits effectively. Our managers create reports that contain the project information we need to create an accurate picture of how things are proceeding. We often use a Project Dashboard to achieve this.

Onshore & Offshore resources are managed directly from our Melbourne office. We have engaged highly skilled Project Management teams that would be available for each individual project, who then oversee the technical and functional project resources across the board.

Rubix Solutions understands that communication is a vital component to ensure business continuity across team members, the project board, the different stakeholders within the business, and relevant third parties. Rubix Solutions holds regular teams meetings and submits daily/weekly/month reports to prevent inadequate communication and known frequent problem area for projects.

After carefully going over the project’s deliverables, Rubix Solutions assess the project strategy, business case and project initiation documentation before commencing design and implementation. We then work with relevant stakeholders to develop the designs of the main deliverables and implement the solution where possible.

Once our team has completed the planning & design phase, the project team will then start to develop and build the components of the project output.

We provide transitional support to the business and decide whether any further action is required. Our project teams will then monitor the performance of the output and report back to the customer if there is any further work needed.

Our technical consultants complete closing documentation and prepare relevant manuals for the customer, we then store all documentation safely ready for handover. Rubix Solutions carries out a Post-Implementation review on a monthly, quarterly, annually basis, and schedules regular phone calls to the customer for detailed feedback.

Professional Services & Consulting

Statement of Work (SOW)  

Rubix Solutions operates as an ICT professional services provider, delivering on Statement of Work (SOW) or time & materials agreements. Our commitment is to furnish a customised contingent workforce tailored precisely to meet your business objectives and deliverables. We meticulously identify and assemble the requisite skills for your projects, ensuring timely and budget-compliant project completion. 

Through the integration of Rubix SOW talent into clients’ managed services programs, our clients have successfully sidestepped costly SOW overruns and gained enhanced control over project deliverables.  

As a vendor-agnostic supplier, Rubix offers clients the expertise necessary to accomplish their goals. Our methodology guarantees clients increased control and knowledge retention post-project completion. If you seek a supplier capable of delivering a flexible, performance-driven SOW solution, look no further than Rubix. 

Past SOW Project Engagements: 

  • Assisting a tier-one Telecommunications company in strategic sourcing services for their Australian expansion. 
  • Providing ongoing support to a major Australian Bank for Solaris/Linux legacy systems work in Melbourne. 
  • Acting as the outsourced sourcing arm for a professional services firm to bolster their brand presence within a major carrier. 
  • Designing and implementing an RF Drive Testing Solution for a prominent company. 
  • Deploying a team of Smart Meter Technicians to facilitate the nationwide rollout of smart meters in Australia. 
  • Collaborating with IT system integrators to supply skilled resources on an SoW basis, meeting their client requirements.